Supporting an enterprise system by a central Help Desk improves user response time and increase end user productivity. However, an internal help desk function requires vast resources of personnel, equipment and systems. The initial investment and ongoing expenses for help desk can easily exceed the cost of the entire enterprise system that the help desk is supporting. More importantly, organizations must divert critical resources and talent to the help desk that would otherwise focus on increasing corporate productivity.

Sun Technosystems provides a reliable yet cost effective alternative for supporting your enterprise information system. With our professional technical team, Sun Technosystems provides quick resolutions to application, network and system problems through our support services, giving our customer first-rate support.

Sun Technosystems specialists receive continuous training on the ever-changing mix of Windows, Linux and Unix Operating System releases. Our specialists can quickly analyse problems, determine the corrective action and get networks and systems up and running.

Sun Technosystems offers three quality services that will free your internal resources of time consuming support calls and provide high-level support for your internal IT team,

User Help Desk

End user support presents the greatest challenge to an internal IT team. The complexity of network operations and the increasing interoperability of applications can stifle even experienced users. Still more challenging is the growing number of inexperienced users with little technical background. These users require special attention to ensure that their desktop system supports their daily responsibilities.

Application Support
Microsoft Office, Open Office, GBCS2000e, Club2000e etc
Operating System
Windows all versions incl Vista, Linux, Unix
Network Lan, ADSL, Lease Line, Modem, Wireless Lan
Database Windows SQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2, OpenWorkshop, IDOL-IV

The support we provide goes beyond quickly and efficiently answering questions and correcting minor problems. Our database can identify areas of training need or operational bottlenecks. Since people are the most critical element of an enterprise system, this data can quickly improve overall organizational productivity.

Technical Help Desk

Sun Technosystems Help Desk gives the IT staff expert technical support for the various Operating Systems and network management. With Sun Technosystems team approach, our experts have a wide range of technical resource internally and through our partners to resolve any hardware, software, network or application issues. We specialise in providing the following expert assistance to your IT staff.

• Multi-user Operating System
• Application interoperability support
• New technology evaluation and analysis
• Implementation and control of multi-vendor product revision
• Performance analysis and correction
• Disaster planning and contingencies

Network Management

Sun Technosystems Help desk provides remote or local network management assistance to quickly isolate network problems and maintain optimal throughput and reliability. Sun Technosystems call this powerful management service REMOTE MONITORING.

Sun Technosystems REMOTE MONITORING is a proactive, out-of-band service for fault and performance management. Its design allows you to focus on strategic business objectives, eliminating the daily tactical fires that make network management so time-consuming and difficult. IT provides for cost-effective 7 x 24 hour monitoring of your network across multiple sites and wide-area networks.

REMOTE MONITORING provides for the proactive management of segments, infrastructure devices, servers and WAN. The service emphasizes immediate and localized fault detection. Monthly performance reporting and quarterly network reviews are cornerstones of our on-going, silent-partner service.